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Welcome to the UCI Machine Learning Repository!

We have re-designed our web site to enable better searching of data sets. You can take a look at the new site here. We would appreciate any feedback that you may have regarding this new site (send emails to ml-repository '@' ics.uci.edu).

This is a repository of databases, domain theories and data generators that are used by the machine learning community for the empirical analysis of machine learning algorithms.

An important file to read regarding the repository is the README file. It contain an overall description of the repository. Another file, SUMMARY-TABLE, contains a table of some of the databases. Each database is characterized by a fixed set of attributes.

A few of the databases have restricted access. These databases include: breast-cancer, lymphography, and primary-tumor.

The construction of this repository is an on-going process. The majority of the entries in the repository were contributed by machine learning researchers outside of UCI. If you have or know of an entry that we should include here, let us know. We are always interested in donations.

We also maintain a list of other machine learning sites. Some of these sites are repositories of databases, while other sites are repositories of programs and papers. General ML and AI related sites are also included in the list. Let us know if we are missing a cite that you have found useful.

If you publish material based on databases obtained from this repository, then, in your acknowledgments, please note the assistance you received by using this repository. This will help others to obtain the same data sets and replicate your experiments. We suggest the following pseudo-APA reference format for referring to this repository:

Asuncion, A & Newman, D.J. (2007). UCI Machine Learning Repository [http://www.ics.uci.edu/~mlearn/MLRepository.html]. Irvine, CA: University of California, Department of Information and Computer Science.
Here is a BiBTeX citation as well:
@misc{Asuncion+Newman:2007 ,
author = "A. Asuncion, D.J. Newman",
year = "2007",
title = "{UCI} Machine Learning Repository",
url = "http://www.ics.uci.edu/$\sim$mlearn/{MLR}epository.html",
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If you have suggestions concerning the repository send email to ml-repository '@' ics.uci.edu.

Thank you and please come again.

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